Friday, October 21, 2011

Findy Friday!

Hello and Good Friday Morning to Y'all!!

If you know me at all, you know that I have a love affair with Goodwills, and it rund deep! If you don't know me, I hope u will stay, read and enjoy a cup o joe with me! One learns quickly how deep the luv is when your son yells from the backseat, "Momma, There's a goodwill are we gonna stop?!" AND he doesn't know how to read yet, he just recognizes the GW smiley face. sorta like how much I lurve Target, he's called it Popcorn Store since he was old enuff to talk and when he would see the red bulleyes. ahem, but that's another post all togather!

Anywhoo - on to Findy Fridays, just wanting to show a glimpse of some of the great finds I found the last couple weeks  ok ok fine just last week. without further adew (is that how its spelled or would that be spelt? yes i have a very wondering mind)

We luv the book section esp. since he started kindergarten this year and they are supposed to be reading by Christmas break (seriously!! i remember getting a good citizenship award not learning to read in K). These little boogers can set you back some seriously dough @ $4 a pop, well we hit the mother load the other day @ $.50 a piece. You see that little green do-hicky thing in the middle thats a tag pen, you are supposed to be able to run it over the books that go along with it and it helps them sound out the words and read. It normally run $25, it was $1! Seriously peeps, that 1/25th of the original price (did I dazzle you with my AH-MAY-ZING math skills there?! ;D) It didn't have any of the books to check that it worked but for that kinda savings i'm more than willing to take that risk.

These little babies are mind for the keeping! They are the perfect size (width and all and with my feet that is a feat! haha math skills AND some literary commentary) and they are naturalizers, peep toes AND wedges *swoon*. i wish i knew how to rotate the pix for a better lookies. They normally retail for $60, a similiar style is on sale at naturalizer's website for $30, so my $6 investment sounds pretty good to me!


This little beauty caught my attention immediately, Fossil is an amazing brand. The leather is so soft, it feels like its been aged for years. I can only find one similiar on ebay for $20, i got this for $5.

And this sweet little jacket was too too sweet to pass up, no i do not have a girl, nor do any of my friends have a girl that wears a 3T (although if i did i would totally gift it to them just so i could see a sweet pea wearing it!). So I thought it might be a good find to start my "thrifting to resale" stuff. Its from Pete's Partners, A Good Lad Company, their new pea coats w/ hat retial for $40, their vintage ones even more. This was $3 so I figure $15 starting price is fair for everyone.

Well thats it for my Findy Friday (at least until tonight where there is a gw very close to my son's Tweakowndo class) ;D.

In His Luv and Wisdom,



Ric Rac and Polka Dots

Wow, you really found some cute stuff! Love the slippers and love the little jacket. I also loved your comment in your profile about your husband not minding glitter all over. It made me laugh. When I see glitter on the floor i don't think I need to vacuum, I just think it looks like little fairies came and visited!! Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting and following my blog! So nice to meet you!


Thanks for coming by Julie and following, I absolutely LUV your blog! I'm so swipping your comment about glitter and fairies coming to visit! Hope you have a great w/e too and wonderful meeting you.

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