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If you can't tell I'm in such a great mood today, we are supposed to get a C-O-L-D front in tonight. And here in the deep "Piney Woods of East Texas" (i was corrected by hubby that we are not "Deep South Texas as I've said before that would be more Mexico-ish area but my woman brain said IF we drive 2 hrs downward on a map we can not go any further as we would be in the Gulf of Mexico - yes i have an uncanning ability with directions but i am a hot tamale when it comes to directing and reading maps!) Any -WHO i digress back on trach shell back on track!

The fabulous abbie is having another link up for 5 Things Thursday and this weeks theme is "Simple Things."

On with the show!

this is the stairwell in our house, one reason i choose it is that to me it represent love our whole  family is on this wall. Love is one of the most special, simplest, yet least given things today. When  I talk about that I'm saying the purest, deepest, it-just-hurts-to-think-about-how-much-i-luv-u love, that kind of luv is complex but yet really simple to give. Some people vehemently disagree with me and say that that kind of luv should be earned. but to them I say, Did our creator, our Father make us "earn" that kind of love from Him? I know I sure didn't but i know that with every fiber of my being that He loves me in that way. How could one think He doesn't He gave up His one AND only precious son to die for us so that we may have ever lasting life with Him. All we have to do is accept that luv. I'm so blessed that Jesus' blood has truely washed my sins white as snow.

Sorry I still can't figure out how to turn pix!!

This is my most favorite coffee cup ever and it represents TWO simple things - i have a simple pleasure of a cup o joe with my best friend, God, and some talk and reflection time. Right now in my mom class we are doing Beth Moore's Study of Proverbs. And in one part she talks about 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast your cares upon the Lord, for he cares about you." she says that we are to throw these cares and anxieties to our Saviour, not just lob them over to him but throw it like you did when you were a kid playing hot potatoe, get-down-on-your-knees calling out His name throwing. I know that I always feel better after my coffee and reflection time.

Sorry for the horrible issue with the pix I don't know how to turn or college them.....

This is representitive of my family, I luv the fact that most my family lives within a 20min radius.  We are such a close family, when my Papa and Meme were alive we would just all end up over at their house without any type of plan. And visit for hours and hours, i was 6 months pregnant with Cor when Papa passed away, but I have to say I think somehow that luv that my Papa had for his family was passed down to him. He so so SO family oriented and cor is the same, he wants us to all live in the same house, his cousins are brother and sister cousins, and he can't stand it when the party is over! His favortie TV show is not cartoons or anything like that it's 19 Kids and Counting! When i ask him why he says, "They always show caring about one another and there are so many sissies and bubbies!" (one can see why i have such a huge, complex guilt about my infertility.)

The simple thing  is the childhood innocense of *knowing* that you look the most awesome of all time before going swimming in the middle of August at dusk.

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