Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

This week has been a mix of happiness, sadness, craziness, etc. This week my sweet boy had the end of his 9 weeks of school we will be getting his 1st report card. say what?!?! YES - my boy who is in Kindergarten will be getting a report card. I can't believe that it's already been 9 weeks since school has started! I've been meaning to post all week but well it's not been working out clearly.

This week was his open house, reading night and book fair ALL wrapped into one night. It was kinda crazy but we all loved it all. He luvs his teacher so much that we had to say hello at the very beginning and goodbye at the end. That makes me one happy mamasita since i really really *really* wanted (ok it should still be present tense since i still want to) want to homeschool.

Yesterday on our way home my car started doing some craziness stuff like so crazy we had to take it to the dealership to get it fixed (woohoo for the extended 7 yr, 100,00 mile bumper to bumper warranty with a $50 deductible), and I got a loaner, a minivan,...... If one knows me you know that I thot about, oh one millisecond about buying one a few years ago and then dismissed it. I don't know what has gotten into me the last 6 months or so but I have this urge to try one out. Like Texas sized mosqiuto bite in-the-middle-of-your-back itch to try one, so I requested one but it woulda been an extra fee to "upgrade" to that. So i said no thanks car is fine, we guess what? yeppers they had ONLY minivans left, lol! I am a convert. Yes you heard it right I'm converted to minivans. Now i really really want one, but only if I can sell my car now and pay for one up front (used is totally fine) or very low payments that I could double up on to pay it down faster. There is so much room in them its like having a mini-motorhome as cor calls it. He said we just need to get a mattress for the back, and we can sleep in it, haha.

This is the sweet thang I've fallen in luv with.

This week is their bookfair, and well, one of my favorite sections at Goodwill is the booksection. I luv that I can get a book for about 85-90% off the retail price. So while I absolutely and happily have sent him to school with money for the bookfair every day, my thrifting heart is crying, LOL! Not really but it did sound good, ha! It's things like this that makes me realize just HOW big he is getting and that he is turning into a little boy/manchild. I know that God entrusted them to us to teach them how to grow, be independant and all, but I just wish I had a pause button somedays ok ok MOST days. The old saying "The days are long, but the years are short" is so very very true.

Hope that everyone is having a great week so far! I would like to ask you to raise some family and friends up in prayer for me. My neice, Bree, who is by far one of the strongest persons i know just had hip surgery yesterday. Please pray a successful surgery and pain relief. A friend of mine from church, Sylvia, had a brain tumor that they did chemo and radiation on, she has finished all the treatments and goes for her followup appoint and mri tomorrow. Please pray for complete healing. One of my family friends has one of her kids in the hospital with broncial issues. please pray for completely and quick healing and wisdom for the doctors.

In His Luv and Wisdom.



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