Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Menu Menu MMOONNDDAAYYYY....(oops, Tuesday...)

Hey Everyone,

As you can see from my title, I'm late....Bubba Hubster said not to worry about it because y'all should know me by now. LOL!

But we had a totally eventful weekend, like crazy - heart stopping - then I hear my blood pumping in my ears crazy weekend.

On Friday, we went to Lowe's <our favorite hardware store - no I'm not paid to say that we just totally LURVE them!> and picked up the veggies for our garden, pots for our carrots and asparagus (we have clay gumbo ground about 8" down so deeper things we do in pots), ferns and hangers for the front porch (11! of them - shew!), miracle grow (luv it!) and a board of mdf for shelving (pix and blogs coming soon!)

Anywho, Bubba Hubster was cutting down trees, like monster 24" diameter trees and guess what happened? Yes, you guessed it, one fell on the house! Bubba was ok, (thank goodness he knows what to do it things go right AND wrong), what we couldnt see was that the way he wanted the tree to fall that side was termite infested. So when he notched and cut it it twisted, spun and fell the opposite way onto the garage. So we were dealing with that all afternoon Sunday and I didnt get to my other Sunday stuff till monday and so on. We have roofers coming to look at it today (fingers crossed).

So here's to the Menu Monday and the other projects I hope to get pix and tuts up.

MONDAY:beef & bean tostadas with Mexican fixings
TUESDAY:creamy chicken pesto, salad, garlic bread
WEDNESDAY:pizza & salad
THURSDAY:beans&meat, green beans or maybe tacos
FRIDAY:baked chops, corn, salad
SATURDAY:honeyglazed chicken, rice a roni, corn
SUNDAY:steak, mashed or baked potatoes, carrots

*You might have noticed we have one staple week in and week out, that is Wednesday night dinner. It's church night and we dont get home till 7:30/45, we live 25ish mins from church so we (meaning I) make sure I have something I can throw in the oven and basically forget about, but also quick to cook AND eat, so we can get all the before bed stuff done. Seeing how Bubba Hubster & Buckeroo would eat pizza 7 days out of 7, that wins the prize, lol!

BUT I get tired of it, so if anyone has any ideas for quick to cook and eat, please comment with them, I would luv it.

In His Luv & Wisdom,



Have you tried chicken Alfredo pizza. Super good and just as easy as regular pizza. Also oh my heck about your house. Hope it can fixed quickly:>

Oh I also wanted to ask we have another opening for the crafters exchange. Someone wasn't able to participate, so we have someone left without a partner. If you still want to join in the fun you can. Shoot me an e-mail:>



I hate that adoption is such a racket! But at this point we have no other choice... We have always known we were going to adopt so we are good with it. Thanks for the sweet words, and the compliment on the pic! We need to get an updated one tho, that was last Sept. We will look into the foster program if nothing pans out with the adoption stuff.
Thanks again!

Cristina Garay

Well, I'm not that good cooker! I might be copyign your weekly menu instead! Thanks for posting it!

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