Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Monday

Hey friends!

I know last week was horrible for me and posting! UGH!! This week I'm gonna do at least 2 posts (I know way to set my goals huh?). I've been off on my menu planning and cooking, and to be truthful I can tell. I felt way better physically and mentally when we were cooking and eating at home, and next week is our SPring Break and being Buckeroo's first "official" spring break we are going to Great Wolfe Lodge for the week (plus Bubba Hubster has a show abt 17 miles from there and it was the same price there as the hotels around the show so the company is paying for the lodging!) Yes we are completely BLESSED! SO we will be eating out for majority of that time we have a little frig and microwave so we can cook some stuff and will prolly want to, lol! So my main goal this week is to stick to the menu planning and cooking.

MONDAY: deer sausage (courtesy of bubba hubster himself), fries & green beans
TUESDAY: side dish for our sewing club, the hostess was going to do all the cooking and i told her thats too much. I suggested potluck and she said she'd do the meat, so the girls and me are bringing sides.
WEDNESDAY:pizza/salad - it's church night and we always do something super fast. frozen pizza and a salad to try and make it healthier.
THURSDAY: beef tips and rice x2 (for freezer cooking) and corn. I've decided for right now I will pick one meal a week and double or triple it depending on the grocery budget and thats how I'm doing the freezer cooking. I figure in one month I should be able to go to two meals a week and so on.
FRIDAY: scallop potatoe & sausage casserole & carrots. Buckeroo will have his favorite, Spaghettio's with a side of sausage, he does not like scallop potatoes at all.
SATURDAY:sloppy joes, chips, carrots&ranch dip.
SUNDAY:tacos, spanish rice, queso&chips
MONDAY:spaghetti, salad, bread

Speaking of spaghetti have you ever used spaghetti squash in place of the noodles? Buckeroo's Daddy is a severe diabetic and I'm trying to find alternatives to the not so great pasta carbs. I found Dreamfields pasta which is amazing but is very pricey and spaghetti is our favorite meal. I found some noodles that are made out of carrot, spinach and potatoe and are really good but still a little high on the carb side. So if you've ever tried it or have any other ideas to use in place of noodles please let me know!

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