Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Will Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program.....

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted, but I've been busy getting ready for Spring Break and our Big Spring Break Hollabaluu 2012. It's buckeroo's 1st "official" spring break this year since he's a Kinder (i was informed that's the slang nowadays, lol!) Any who I hope (this sounds vaguely familiar....jus saying) to post at least two times next week. We were so lucky this year that our Spring Break fell on a show week. Well lucky in one way and not so lucky in another way, hubster didnt get to do alot with us during the day, but we still had a good time and the hotel was paid for because of hubster working. my niece and her hubby (who i call my nephew but i didn't want anyone to get confused and go "EEEWWWW" when i said my neice and nephew and then u read later they are married!) also came. he worked the show also and we had a great time at the meet and greet and dinner with a vendor. Buckeroo has been a really good sport this week, we've had a few hiccups but that happens when everything is hurry up to wait like at legoland discovery center.

We are home and SpringBreak is officially over, well for me at least. Bubba Hubster is sleeping (poor man didn't get much sleep at all!), Buckeroo is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (shhh, don't tell anyone he would be embarrassed and say its for babies but i luv when he watches these instead of the older ones - attitude is mucho better), and I've done two loads of laundry, cooked breakfast and now catching up on my reading and posting. But you know what? this is what i luv to do best - take care of my boys and my house.

I will be posting pix and recaps of what we did. I've missed home and my rountine, i'm (we) are such home bodies - it's crazy. buckeroo said the last day, "are we going home yet?" poor luvy

Hope that everyone had a great week and have a great one coming up!


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