Monday, November 19, 2012

Being Convicted {by Jesus}

Hey Friends,

I know the title probably caught a few off guard, but He has been doing that alot  LOT lately. It seems that everytime I turn around He is trying to teach me something [with me it sometimes takes alot to get it through to me]. Today I was off on vacation (whoot whoot) and I was thinking as I sat in my nice, big, new comfy minivan in the drive thru line at Sonic waiting on lunch and thinking how glad I was to be off and away from everything. Putting on my third pair of sunglasses this year and lamenting how I needed to buy new ones because these were scratched like crazy, and then out of the corner of my eye I notice a man talking to another man and then start making gestures. As I rolled my window down for the car hop I realized that the man he was talking to was deaf and they were communicating thru gestures, the deaf man had no money and the other guy gave him a dollar. The deaf man was looking around on the ground for change to cover the taxes, I immediately jumped out of the car and gave him $5. I don't tell you this for me to be proud of what I did, actually just the opposite. I was immediately struck by how blessed I am, and how much I could bless others if I just took stock of what I already have and cared for it. I mean seriously, I was just complaining about how scratched my sunglasses were and this was my THIRD pair for the year meaning I was going to buy a FOURTH pair. Peeps, that's $80, could you imagine how many families I could have feed just by being gracious (by caring for what we are blessed with) for the blessings the first time around?

I'm not talking just about a pair of sunglasses but the friendships that He orchastrates, the family we have (wether they are good or bad - God uses everything for good!), the good and bad things that happen to us all.Sometimes I forget to be grateful for the blessings I've got. He convicted my heart right there in the sonic drive thru, and that man keep doing the sign for "Thank you" I shook my head no and signed back to him "Thank you" God used that man to remind me of how blessed I am. I have no idea if he realizes how much he helped me, but I know and I will continue to MAKE myself be mindful of the blessings I have and be grateful for them. I will continue to thank Him for those blessings, and BE a blessing wether through time, effort, money or whatever the person He orchastrates my path to cross with needs.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

Much Luv,

I am even grateful for these three sticky men that have been on my ceiling for 6 days now, because it means I have a wonderfully inquisitive 7 yo boy that wanted "to see how many he could get on the ceiling and how long they would stay." Atho Big Daddy finally brought his big ladder home from the office tomorrow will end their hanging around days, BAHAHA/


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Michelle, you have such a big heart. I love that you shared your experience and how it caused you to reflect upon how blessed you are. A perfect Thanksgiving post.

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