Monday, November 5, 2012

My Good Will treasures from October {or my attempt to decorate}

hey everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, we did. There were some little hiccups we had to take care of at Bubba Hubster's mom's house and my sisters house. Then Sunday was all day at church pretty much, we got to leave for lunch and then back for Christmas choir practice from 2-5. Buckaroo tried out for a solo and drama, he got a drama part. And he agreed to be a wise man for them too.

I've decided to make a monthly post of Goodwill treasures. I luv thrift store shopping, altho I have to say my Goodwill and thrift stores have decided they are boutiques with their pricing.

So here are some pix of what I found:

 I got a lot of great things!
Excuse the mess behind it, it was BSA campout and I always lay everything out on the table before packing it to make sure we have everything.
The nutcracker is for my stepson, he LUVS nutcrackers - he gets one in some fashion every year for Christmas. This nutcracker is also a tin and his hat comes off and we are going to stuff it with $1 bills this year.
The sheep is for the "baby" room, we are decorating it in unisex with cartoony farm animals, that way it doesn't matter what gender of baby we get or if we get one of each.
The church is a 70's plastic tree ornament, I have a love affair with 70's kitchy Christmas decor, I can't pass one up!
The small square frame has a cross in it with God Gives Grace as a background to it for our cross wall.
The small round frame I'm gonna spray paint white. I always pick up different style/shaped frames when they are cheap ($1).
The small red rectangle is a Christmas music diorama box (I told you I can't pass up 70's Christmas decor) Cor and I will wind them up and listen to them over and over again and this one plays Joy to the World.
The white shadow box was $3 w/ 30% off and while I do not like what's on the inside I can unscrew the backing and use it for other things. I haven't figured out what yet, but an intricate shadow box for less than $3!!
Then the piece de resistance is the picture that I was sure to include an upclose pix. it matches my kitchen colors perfectly and I luv the art print. It was $5 or $6 because the print was all cockeyed and you could see the edges. I just tore the paper backing off, opened the back up and resituated the print, taped it and sealed it back up. I don't know if someone just got tired of it or didn't think to do what I did to fix where it had fallen down or what but I was glad I was there when I was to get it. This will be hung above my kitchen window. Bet you couldn't even tell if I didn't tell you, could ya??
Ok, well really this wicker sofa and side table is really my piece de resistance! I'd been looking at it for over a week but at $80 I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it. But then the incredulous much awaited for coveted 30% off coupon came around for it and it was still there - I snatched it up like a little kid snatching the last peice of halloween candy! Now I have to make cushions for it, I'm just waiting for Joann's to put their duck cloth on sale. I have wanted a wicker set FOR-EVAAAAA!!!!
That's it for my October take aways, now November well let's just say I found a Habitat for Humanity Restore about 25 mins from me and I luv it!! I can't wait to do all my projects from the stuff I bought there this weekend and then I'm totally back there!!
Much Luv!


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Michelle, you scored. I am beyond in love with the wicker furniture. I can't wait to see it after you add the cushions to it. How exciting that your little man got a dramatic role :). You must be so proud.

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