Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Tablecloth {or proof of how forgetful I am}

I recently became aware of the fact that I never did a Thanksgiving Tablecloth post (thanks Amy @ While Wearing Heels). By the way y'all totally need to check her blog and her Etsy shop they are Ah-MAY-ZING! I want her United States quilt so bad!! Well one year I wanted a tangible way to remember the memories and all the things that we were thankful for. So I thought about a Thanksgiving tablecloth. The first year I did leaf shapes cut out of felt. Well have you ever tried to write on felt before? It’s not too pretty or easy, although I told everyone to suck it up and make it work! I know so nice on Thanksgiving huh? But that’s how I roll sometimes, lol! No, seriously I was way nicer and begged people to trace over and over on their words and they begrudgedly graciously obliged me. That was in 2010 and I didn’t get around to sewing them until this year along with the table cloth (because that IS how I roll). So I got one yard of fabric (umm one piece of advice – make sure you actually measure your table to make sure it covers said table) hemmed it on all four sides. I then sewed the leaves on from 2010 (we weren’t here for 2011 we were in OK for hubster’s family), yea umm, not so easy so I decided that this year would be “Thankful blocks” simply square shaped fabric that they write on and then sewed together and on the table cloth to try and get some extra footage to make the table cloth actually big enough to cover a table :0. It really was an easy easy craft to do, yet one that everyone loved and talked about so much and still do. This year people really liked the blocks as it was just quilter grade fabric and the fabric markers worked much more easily.

What do you think? I really enjoyed doing this and reflecting on how things changed and how they stayed the same, how many more things we have to be thankful for. I will continue to do this tradition. We like it so much that we decided to do a Christmas Tablecloth. This will be with an angel made out of felt and her wings will be quilter grade fabric and the wings will be made up of lots of small pieces and this is where they will write what they are thankful for.

See how these wings are made up of individual little feather type pieces – each family will have a feather piece and I will attach these and continue on to build up her wings. What do you think? I welcome any comments and or suggestions as I always like and easier way to do things!

Much Luv!


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Of course, you made me giggle while reading several parts of your post. I am so glad I didn't just overlook your tablecloth. What a beautiful tradition. Each year {although it sounds like you just started last year} it must be so fun to take it out and look back on what you felt blessed by last year. I love this idea so much. I plan on incorporating this into our Christmas tradition this year. I can't wait to see how your angel wings fill up.


I love it! Such a wonderful tradition!!

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