Thursday, August 30, 2012

crazy busy or routine craving?

hey everyone!

how has your week gone? ours has gone great actually almost fabulous! We are almost at the end of our first week of school and new routines and things are really starting to fall into place. i was talking with a girlfriend of mine last week and I was telling her i didn't know if this summer was just crazy as all get out or if i secretly am a routine loving gal. I have always been a "fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants" kinda person, routine-smutine, i couldn't stand them. And well then kindergarten came and i was MADE to get on a routine (somewhat). He had to be at school no later than 8:30 and i was at the school to pick him up at 4:00, there was no after school routine besides 30 mins rest and then homework. Then came the summer, no routine wake up be at work no later than 9 (it's our family biz so our kiddos get to come with us always have) leave at 5. I felt off kilter all summer, at first I thot it was just being super busy but when another friend asked what we had been doing to keep us busy I could only think of a few trips and that got me to wondering.

Fast forward a few weeks and a new school year with alot more routines. A morning routine, after school routine, and evening routine, for all of us (except Bubba Hubster of course). So far, no more rushed aggrevating mornings, a cleaner more cohesive house, more time spent with family, and a momma that isn't dragging so bad. So y'all heard it here first! I think I was an undercover routine fanatic! Buckaroo isn't too sure about it since it's giving him more responsibilities. He now has to take care of his backpack, lunch kit, toys, and room. He even has a different chore each day!

what about y'all? are y'all routine cravers or go with the flow-ers? have you found that you were really one when you thought you were another?

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As long as I get to make my routine I am fine.:)I did get your comment about the blogging thing, school doesn't start here until next week so I am taking advantage of the extra time with my boys. You do have me excited for getting things going though!


I used to think I was a go with the flow kinda person but by the start of the school year I was craving routine:) So I guess I was the one who thought she was one but was the other:)

Amy - while wearing heels

Did you get a new look? I am loving it!

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