Tuesday, August 28, 2012

oh my word!! omw omw omw

hey guys!

jsut a quick note. so y'all know how we are fostering to adopt? well I got the info back from our agency we have 2 inspections, fingerprints and two papers (we forgot the fill out) before the home inspection (that is the last step!) i am so excited! i really thot we had alot more to do, but we don't!

we have taken our time and thought things over and over and over, but the Lord has still put this on our hearts to do. I'm a natural worrier but i just know that God would not have lead of here and kept us here for so long if this isn't what we are supposed to do. So September is going to be a busy busy month (we are doing dave ramsey so we've had to budget in the inspections and stuff) but september we sould be able to do the two inspections and fingerprints. I will let you know more as i do!

much luv and excitement!


Amy - while wearing heels

CONGRATULATIONS. It's amazing that you wanted a bigger family and now God is providing you with that bigger family. Thank you so much for sharing your very exciting news!!!

Elizabeth Fleming

Ohhhh doing the happy dance for you and your family!!!!!


Oh my goodness! WOW! I'm so happy for you:) *doing a little happy dance with Elizabeth* aren't ya glad you can't see it lol. Thank you for sharing your great news with all of us:)

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