Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Monday Take 33 {not really but should be...}

Hey friends!

SO it technically is the 33rd week of the year, so it SHOULD be my 33rd post bbuuuttt y'all know me. So the past few weeks months we've spent WAY too much money on eating out and not enough on paying off the bills. So i'm trying to get back on track with my routine since school is right around the corner ~ whoa!! when did that happen?!~ we have 14 (OH MY WORD) days till school starts. Buckaroo will be a 1st grader (if u hear whaling know its not the ghost of old woman hollering creek, it's me technically i have a kid, no baby, no toddler, no preschooler, no kindergartner, but a kid, he has passed all those titles and he is know technically a KID. all you mommas out there know what i'm talking about and sayin!

but you know what? i'm actually kinda cool with it, because i know that means he is healthy, safe and doing what all children should do. but it does hurt this mommas heart just a wee bit. Oh and he luvs school and i luv him going to school, LOL! seriously it is nice to have an adult break, but i luv what the experience of school has done for him and his personality. he used to be so so terribly shy like true hide behind momma's apron shy, and he isn't anymore. i don't like that the first month of school last year he came home and whispered in my ear, "Momma what does assh*le mean?" but most his friends have older brothers and sisters and Lord knows it was bound to happen. So just get it outta the way and be done with it, but all the tradeoffs are worth the growth i've seen in his personality and shyness.

Are y'all ready for school to start? When does everyone else's start? Some bloggy buddies up north and in the midwest have already started!! I still have to get all of Buckaroo's school supplies (yes i'm glutton for punishment i always procastinate!) and his gma is taking him and his cousin school clothes shopping next tuesday. SHe tries to always get the grandkids a new outfit for school, yes, i am blessed with great parents! we got some shorts and here in texas we can wear shorts at least 9 if not 10 months out of the year, and lots of shirts. we already have shoes - altho people are totally bugging out on me to buy him new shoes because it's the new school year. I'm all for a few new outfits (altho he needs none he has more clothes than his daddy and i put togather) but to me if he has newer shoes that fit why does one feel like they must buy new shoes? how about you - what is the one thing you always make sure you buy your kids new every year even if they technically don't need it? Backpacks are my thing - i'm sure it stems from me wanting a new backpack every year but not getting it.

anywho, on with the menu after i've talked the ears off your billy goat!

MONDAY: porkchops, alfredo pasta, corn
TUESDAY: orange chicken w/stir fry veggies and rice (via crystal & Co guest posting at )
WEDNESDAY:fish stix and fries
THURSDAY:sausage and juilenne potatoes cassorole and veggie (i'm trying to find some good for diabetics veggies that can go togather - potatoes and peas no go - both are uber high in carbs. so i'm trying to pair low carb and high carbs togather. if u have any knowledge on this i would so welcome and not above begging for it ;D
FRIDAY:pizza night Bubba Hubster and i have a supreme while Buckaroo has a cheese - and yes i'm cheap and we have frozen pizza most the time. of course it is also the fact we live out in the country so by the time Bubba Hubster gets back with it restaurant pizza is not any good and delivery yea right if you wanna wait an extra 45 mins!
L: hamburger helper
D:chicken spegahti casserole (via
L:eat out after church (no mexican tho since dinner is sorta mexicany and yes that is a word i looked it up)
D:crockpot chicken tacos and fixings

I'm gonna try the pinterest post about the eggs supreme muffins - I'll let you know if it turns out!

Much luv!


Amy - while wearing heels

Ah, I can relate, I can see how it's bittersweet to have a first grader. My little one is starting preschool, so I'll try and appreciate every minute because, from the sounds of it, before you know it, I'll have a first grader too. I hope he has a great year and doesn't learn any more curse words :)


My oldest will be starting 3rd grade!!! It is so crazy to see these little babies grow into full blown kids. Your menu looks yummy! The bars are stickier than a quaker granola bar, little balls work perfectly! Thank you again, and again, and again for always being so sweet!!! Oh and my son always becomes friends with the kid that spends his whole year in the principals office... it's because my son is shy and those kids are normally not, their parents love the great example my son is, I pray for protection of his ears and for him to shine Jesus in a real way. :)But last year he did come home and say, "My friend said the F-word today" he didn't know that it was bad or what "F-word" meant until the other kids told. How's your walking going? I did zumba 2 times this weekend, I was dying! :)

Danielle Wagasky

You've got a great menu plan going. Good job lady!


I need to do some menu planning, even if it's just for lil' ol' me!

Hey, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

~ Lauren


Definately a backpack lol I also didn't get a new one every year. Isn't it funny why one does the things they do. I'm coming over for dinner Monday......Oops that's tomorrow! lol I will think about my little ones growing up later;)

Time for coffee,

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