Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The jewelry Swap Reveal

hello Guys!

Well thru several of the blogs i read i had heard about an amazing thing called "The Jewelry Swap". The wonderful Melissa over at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife has hosted this, I got in the Augsut go round. You ask "Well Michelle what exactly is a jewelry swap?" well ladies and gents it's where we put our name and likes and wants on a list and we are partnered up with other people BUT it is a blind swap so the person you send to does not send to you. It's really awesome to think who is my partner, i wonder what she is sending. the best part? you shop your own jewlery box! all you are out is your postage. It's a way to give that once loved piece (or maybe not for you piece) that has been religated to the back of your jewelry box a new owner that may luv it just like you did at one time!

So without further adue my partner was the wonderful Lauren from Me & My Beautiful Mess and she sent me this beauty:

I had asked for long necklaces and she send a note that i could alter it easily and she was completely correct. BUT I absolutely luv it like this, so i'm going to wear it as is until i want to change up and then i'll make it long and it will seem like a totally new peice!.

I luved the swap!

Much Luv,


Melissa Enault

awww yay! I am glad you got a necklace you like!! So pretty!! Thanks for linking up!!

Amy - while wearing heels

What a beautiful necklace. It looks AMAZING!!!


Awww, yay! You got it! I'm sorry I was late...craziness around here. It looks great! It never got any attention with me, so it needed a new home.

<3 Lauren

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