Monday, December 3, 2012

Breakfast and Dinner meat for $2.46! {or me being a cheapskate}

Good Morning Friends!

I hope everyone had a great and blessed weekend, we did! It was a super busy, but great weekend. Saturday we had church choir practice for three hours, lunch and then two Boy Scout service hours “Ring the Bell”. Sunday we had church and then the choir program at 4:30 then dinner with the family afterwards. Just because y’all know I can’t post without putting a picture of my sweet boy up, here are a few:

Here is Reindeer Buckeroo! The boys were done done done by the end of the two hour segment but I think they did wonderful being 7!
Here he is at the choir program. He sang, had a speaking part and was a wise man. I was so surprised when he tried out since he normally doesn’t want to do anything that causes attention to be strictly on him. He did wonderful!

 Now onto the reason for the post’s title. I’ve been following Danielle over at Blissful & Domestic and one thing I’ve really learned is planning planning and more planning goes a L-O-N-G way. So I planned out what I wanted for breakfast and dinner and went about grocery shopping. I decided to go with an open mind and check everything out – no more run in go directly to said item, get only what we are used to purchasing. While I’m not advocating MORE shopping I’m advocating SMART shopping, look at all options for what you are wanting.

Now this time I wanted a spicy-ish sausage to use for breakfast tacos and spegahti. Normally I would just go and get a roll of Owens breakfast sausage and two rolls of hamburger meat. This time I looked through all the meats they had for sale. I found a spicy Italian sausage; I knew this would work for both. So I snapped up the one and quarter pound package, when I got home I rolled it into small balls, like mini meat balls (I would suggest for the breakfast tacos to divide the mini meat balls in half as they are a bit big for burritos). I let them fry up half way thru I put water in the skillet and somewhat boiled them with the lid on. I did this because I wanted to make sure the meat was done all the way through without becoming hockey pucks! Also to make sure there weren’t a lot of fat /grease left in them.  This is what you come up with:
I know it doesn't look like alot but this was a huge, deep bowl.
I then mixed about a third of the meatballs with 15 eggs, cooked them with sautéed onions and bell peppers (except for Buckaroo’s his eggs is the small bowl without the green flakes otherwise he wouldn’t eat them – and yes I do this often but it beats having to pick the bell peppers and onions out later and double yes I have done that numerous times before).

It makes a ton doesn’t it?!

 I then scooped two serving spoons on each tortilla topped with half a slice of cheese (we don’t count it as food in our house if it doesn’t have cheese ;D), rolled and wrapped in Saran wrap. This made twelve breakfast tacos, and the bowl of Buckeroo’s eggs which is about eight serving spoons of eggs and meat. I’ll add yogurt or a small bowl of cereal (he insists of cereal every morning so I feel better when he eats more than just something cold).



We were left with approximately 80 mini meatballs, which allowed 40 meatballs per meal, allowing 13 minis per person per meal. It takes three mini meatballs to make a regular size meatball, so it really is a good amount of meat. I’ll make alfredo or tomato spegahti or some sort of pasta bake.

Another thing to keep in mind is serving size, while it doesn't sound like alot of meat - it is the correct amount that we are supposed to eat. Our fist or palm only is a rough size of what we are to be eating of our main protein. I'm not a professional, but like I told my neice if you want to know anything about weight loss ask a big person. We know what does and doesn't work, I'm just not good at following through. I wish I had more will power, maybe some day. 

So remember plan, have an open mind and remember serving size. I hope that this post has helped you or maybe gave you some ideas of how to stretch your meats.

Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Yum! That looks delicious. The joys of meal planning. Not only did you save money but I bet you feel more organized as well. AND, I could just eat up your son...he is so darn cute.

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