Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Decor or {Inside Edition just not the "trash" TV edition} Sequel

Hello friends!

I finally got all my pictures to send to my email so I can do my Part Deux of Christmas Decor Inside Edition. I still take phone pictures so sometimes out here in the boonies it takes for-eva to send! Does anyone else ever just putter around all season long tweaking their decor? I do it all the time! And I continually think "Silly girl you are gonna take it down in just a few weeks/days!", but it make me a happy silly girl! So here's the rest of the inside decoration and the tweaking decor.

This is my stairwell (duh?! lol). This year I didn't use the normal garland and ribbon on the hand rail and next year I DEFINITELY will, this looks so sparse to me. Simple does NOT equal sparse. This is also where I hang our special stockings, the ones that we've picked out or had as children.

Bubba Hubster's (Jeff) is his from his childhood, we started a tradition a few years ago with his family that we adults do not exchange gifts. We use that money and support a family, or give to a charity, etc., so his momma gave him his stocking (it's what she used to use as the bag for gifts).

My stocking was made by a sweet 13 yo girl that I was partnered with one year through Mary Janes Farm for a gift/stocking exchange. She did all the work herself and I absolutely LUV it!

Buckaroo's is the Cars stocking, when he was little we would watch that movie over and over and over.....everyone in our family knew that movie line by line. We went through three,  yes THREE (3) dvd's from wearing them out watching it so much. When he saw this stocking he was over the moon that year.

The red one is an antique one that has a fur stole (sp?) as the trim, we are using it for Brother. Brother has an affinity for the movie "A Christmas Story," I've looked high and low for the "leg lamp" stocking but haven't yet found it. He has the lamp and everything, but I WILL find the stocking and that will be his. He's OK with the red one, as he loves antiques and fur, but my biggest "baby" WILL have the leg lamp stocking!

The first picture that is cock-eyed will be the advent calender for next year. Twenty five baby socks, glittery pompoms, and mini clothes pins is all I need but I didn't want to make myself frazzled so I up it down for next years crafting.

This little vignette's home is on my great grandparents dresser I was so lucky to receive, it took lots of love and care to get it to this. The box and red container are music boxes, Buckaroo and I could spend hours listening to them. The deer are just another representation of my love affair with 70's cheesy decor, I can't leave one when I see it. The red book is a memory book that you can record your holiday happenings and you can write about them and attach a holiday picture or card.

This is my Santa/Ornament vignette, the taller Santa is a musical one <be still my heart> 70's, Santa AND musical?!?! The Santa with sleigh right next to it was one of our first Christmas decorations BH and I purchased as a couple.

This sweet little apron is my one and only (lonely) kitchen Christmas decor - BUT - I finally hung my potholder and hand towel hangers so next year that will be totally remedied. and YES that is an electrical outlet in the middle of a wall that has NOTHING on it. I have no idea why the builders put put it there other than the previous owners had an awesome idea that I'm not privy to.

And that my friends concludes the inside edition of Christmas decor, until I putter around again.

Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

What a lovely glimpse into your home and all your thoughtful decorations. The stockings look beautiful, hung with care :). I love that the adults give to charity instead of buying gifts for each other. What a great reminder that is what this season is really about. Your Santa collection is impressive and I absolutely adore that apron :)

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