Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thrifty & Some Not So Thrifty November Finds {or an outlet for my repurposing}

Hello Friends!!

I know it's a bit into December, but I was just able to get all my thrifty finds photographed last night. I found a wonderful new (to me) store in November. It's the Restore for Habitat for Humanity. It's actually been there for 10 (T-E-N!) years and I'm just now finding out about it. I blame BH - He lived in the area almost his entire life and never told me about it. They recently put up a sign and we did a quick U-Turn when I saw it and checked it out. The clouds parted, angels sang, and a light shone down, Thrifter's Paradise. All is well in the world.....

Seriously, it was great! Here's the crue de gras I found:

I found this awesome idea over at While Wearing Heels, Amy decided to do some kitchen cabinet feet and me being me I decided to copy cat her (by the way you MUST check out her blog it's AH-MAY-ZING). So I was on the look out for some cheap feet, i wanted simple as our kitchen cabinets are very simple, almost Shaker style simple. I couldn't find anything that I was in my price range willing to pay (yes I'm super duper cheap - but y'all all already knew that - right?) So we found Restore store and guess what they had - a basket full of couch legs!! For real I grabbed the 11 feet ran around till I found BH and tried to explain myself. Although he said I sounded like a boy getting his first BB gun ever, but he managed to get the general understanding of what I was saying.

Next I found these CA-UTE party trays with cups, they are beauties! They totally sang to my vintage heart. I can't wait to host a party (like I'm a real social butterfly or something but maybe these might help be not be a recluse at least LOL) and use these.

I found them in their ORIGINAL box, and TWO boxes for a total of 8 sets! I was so excited. Now these were NOT a thrifty find. I found these at an antique store that I spent a glorious 2 whole uninteruppted hours in all by myself!! BH and Buckaroo were at the shooting range having some "man time" as Buckaroo calls it. They were $10/box but I think it was still a great price for these. I technically didn't find them at a thrift store so I don't know if you would classify them as a thrifty find or not, but at that price I say thrifty is all in the price not the place. hahaha.

At the same store I found this great little metal tray that I couldn't resist as it is so kitchy and in my kitchen collors too! In my mind I want to use these trays as a back splash, but I just don't know if my heart can cut up something so sweet.

I wouldn't classify this purchase as thrifty by any stretch of the imagination. it was $7!! But I loved everything about it, the metal, the birch looking background, the aqua, the pine cones, just everything so I paid the $7.

Then this piece, the table. For my taste and budget it was expensive, but I love the copper top and the patina of the wood that age brings, plus it was in the same antiques shop as the two items above. So if you are looking at where I bought it, the age, and mark downs it had on it I supposed it could pass as thrifty. It was originally $175, down to $119 down to $75, of course I wouldn't have paid over the $75 for it. As it was it took several phone calls between me and BH and him telling me to just get it a gazillion times before I allowed myself to pay that price. But it does look AH-MAY-ZING in my living room!

Plus you see where that antelope is on the bottom shelf? Yea that's right I got more display shelving :D
This is a combination of all my Goodwill hauls, I've gotten mucho better about being ok about going in a place and leaving empty handed. It's actually what happens most times now days.

The flag picture frame is Buckaroo's Christmas gift to G-ma & Papa, they have a game room done in Americana.
The Jets jersey and UT Longhorn shirt are for Buckaroo, I buy every kind of jersey I can for him and anything to do with football. I bet his platelets are little footballs!!
The books are for Buckaroo of course, I always check out their book section, $.79 vs $4.99 (min) and new to condition - oh yes please and thank you!
The basket that you can barely see peaking out from behind the frame was a great sturdy tall rectangular one that was only $3! I'm using for fruit snacks.
The round trivet I'm going to spray paint aqua and use it as wall decor in the kitchen.
The picture is from October's thrifty finds, yes it's still sitting where I took the picture a month ago, and my vacuum is over in the corner photo bombing it. I would hang my head but I like keeping it real, or maybe I just know that y'all care about me and not my undone projects or photo bombing vacuum. :D

I've already had some great finds for December and can't wait to post them! I've been throwing around an idea in my head, and want to get your opinion on it. I've been thinking of doing a no spend month for January. Now I don't mean die hard nothing at all, but nothing other than necessities, gas, groceries, etc don't count. I'm talking about just no going out to shop, and to use up all the miscellaneous things we've bought but never got around to doing or using. For me it would really only be two weeks that I would have free. Our office has inventory the first weekend and then it's New Years also. The next weekend I promised to clean a friends storage unit out here for her, they now live in Wisconsin and can't get down here to do it and need it done. The next weekend will be our second BSA camp out, so it would really only be two weeks for me. So short story made long I need accountability partners. Wanna try it? Let me know!

Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

I loved this post...and I am not even talking about the sweet shout out to my blog either. I can't wait to see those feet for your cabinets. What an incredible score. That green serving try and glasses...amazing. I can't wait to see what you got throughout December!

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