Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like Christmas {or my collection of outside decor this year}

Hello Sweet Friends!

DO you have your Christmas decorations out yet? We took off the week of Thanksgiving and thanks to Bubba Hubster (who shall be now known as BH around here cuz I'm lazy like that) we got our outside decorations done.

Peeps this year as been crazy as well...a four letter word that rhymes with bell, and my heart, soul and being just craved simplicity. Friends, it is something that I'm craving more and more these days, hopefully I will soon learn a good balance. This year we went simple, festive and it stirred something in my soul, but that's for another post (that I've got sitting in my drafts folder because I have a hard time being nakky and vulnerable). I love my lil farm house looking home, there's alot that I want to do but it's the type of home I've always wanted. So this year I took full advantage of the posts on the front porch. I add some large christmas bulbs (not gigantic but good takes-two-hands-to-cover-them size) from Big Lots (LURVE that place! and no sadly friends this is not a paid post just wanting to pass on a wonderful place for things with good pricing) from many moons ago. I strung them with fishing wire and hung them from the planter hooks we had for the ferns (that died no matter what I did with them). I was short by five, so fingers crossed I took off for Big Lots and prayed they had another pack (they come in a pack of six). That's one of the things I like about Big Lots, they have alot of the same staple items year after year. My kinda people, you know why reinvent the wheel if it already works. Thank goodness they did have them, so I snatched (and yes I do mean snatched them) up, paid for em, went home and strung em up! What do you think?


These are the close ups and yes in the right picture that is a camo hunting 5 gal seat stool as a table, and yes that is a dead mini rose bush on the table in the left picture.

Why yes, yes we ARE the Beverly Hillbillies of the Neighborhood, we just don't have the concrete pond out back, the HOA did NOT know what was coming when bought out here!!

I also made a knew front door wreath, here's a close up of it:

Yes I made this bad boy all by myself - I was actually really proud of it.

Every year we try to buy a blow up that we all like as a family usually after Christmas, because well I'm cheap, but this year was different we got it early but it's not out yet. Here are the blow ups that we have out right now. We have three more to set up, but I have no clue to if we are gonna get to them or not to be honest. I hope we do, but I'm not pressuring us to. Me and my darn throw it all in a box without labeling and that is why we have three blow ups not set out they were in the what we thought were inside decoration boxes. Do y'all like it?
Tractor & Motorcycle Santa

 Nascar Santa
One for just good measure :)-

We just string our C7 lights along the porch, bay and kitchen windows. I would love to do the dormer windows, but BH isn't find of roofs. I will have to learn to be fond of them so I can have my dormers done with lights. Along the walkway from the driveway I have gigantic replicas of C9 bulbs and Christmas ornaments. I want to get more of the C9 bulbs but they are expensive 4/$10!

Hopefully Thursday I will have a post on the inside decor. I'm going to try my hardest and get one up Wednesday night of at least my stairwell. I can't find the stuff to make my Advent calender out of though. So if you come across 25 baby size Christmas themed socks PLEASE let me know. I can't find any. I've thought of buying plain white and glueing a Christmas colored pompom to the toe, but I really want the themed ones.
Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Your decorations look great. The Santas on the tractor and motorcycle are hilarious. I love a red door on a of course I am smitten with yours and your new wreath.

And, sometimes the posts that are the hardest to write and make you feel vulnerable, are the ones you get an outpouring of support from...write it and trust that the blogging community will support you.

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