Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Decor or {Inside Edition just not the "trash" TV edition} Part I

Good Monday to you!! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and an even better start to the week. I finally got all the finishing touches on my inside Christmas decorations this past weekend. I actually ended up making two more wreaths for my outside doors so the two end ones would match (which if you do quick match you realize I have three front doors!) more on that later this week with a tutorial for wreaths.

So this weekend I finished the inside decor and BH took the empty boxes to the shed, so that I could take some respectable pictures (HA!). Hope you like them!

 Top of our entertainment center. The star up there was the first star we ever bought together, I can find the clip to hold it on, the garland is bare, half the crystal cuts are missing but I refuse to part with it!
 The mantle - I have an obsession with nativity scenes, so this year I decided that our mantle was going to be nothing but nativity scenes. This is how it will look from here on out, I feel in love with it and them all over again.
Our stockings I got at our local Nutcracker Market last (alas we didn't get to go this year - boo!) I hope to have them embroidered soon. Come back tomorrow to see our "special stockings" and where I hang them.
 "Where are the diamonds?! I NEED my diamonds!" I tell BH that if it hangs in my living room I have free decorating reign over it, he doesn't really care. He *totally* rocks like that.
 Yes I have an affinity for decorating taxidermied animals, LOL! Now these two are the extent of what animals I allow in the living room. The hog is just too ugly to be in there although I could *totally* detail it to the nines at Christmas time.....

 BH has hung this Santa wind chime up every year since he was a little boy! We are now able to carry on that tradition in our home. BH always puts the star on the tree and this guy.
Top of the Christmas tree (it's really not that big or tall. It's just in a corner and it was hard to get a full on frontal picture in one shot.
 Bottom of the Christmas tree - I collect Christmas tins and this is how I display them. I also use the to put gifts in. The tree skirt is one that BH and his momma and sister made one year when they were younger. We were so blessed to inherit it!
 Christmas tree vignette - can you guess which one Buckaroo picked out? ;D
Come back tomorrow to see the rest of the living room decor and the stairwell.
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Amy of While Wearing Heels

BEAUTIFUL. I think a Christmas trees need something under them and I love the idea of putting tins under them...sadly, I don't already have a collection...something to keep in mind for next year. Your deer looks so festive too :). And, I love the camouflage stockings.

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