Monday, August 26, 2013

1st day of 2nd grade or {When and How Did This Happen?}

Morning Friends!

Hope today is a great one for you! It's our first day back to school here, how about y'all?

This morning I woke up wondering how the heck did my sweet baby frogboy become a 2nd grader?! I mean seriously I know it's cliché, but seriously it is going to fast, in 6 days he'll be 8. I suppose I should just be grateful that we decided to hold him back a year because his birthday is so late or I would be here saying the same thing except it would be 3rd grade!!

He was nervous, just like momma and daddy, new things are hard for him. Yes it's the same school, he has some of the same kids, but his best buddy isn't in his class this year and we've been out for two months.

So we took crazy pictures, good pictures and "so us" pictures. We talked about how I knew it was hard, nervous and scary but it WILL get better, soon it will all be gravy.

So here's some pictures from the first day of second grade.

 Cor and momma 2nd grade
 He's all "check it out i'm 2nd grade homies" while I'm all "What the heck?! you're my baby!"
 Me still freaking out, him thinking 'yep my momma's gone off her rocker...again'
 In front of his classroom, he was so sweet letting me walk him to class still!
Buckaroo and his teacher Mrs.Barron, she seems like a sweetheart.
 our "official" 1st day of 2nd grade picture
 but this is really how we roll
 or this....
ok well really like this because he was done with the 1st pix, this was his "i'm done momma."
Sweet boy, I just want you to know that Daddy and Momma are so very happy, proud and grateful that we were given you by God to be our sweet baby and to raise. Everything you do brings us joy, while I am sad that the years seem to go to fast I am grateful that they do as that is what you are made for and you give meaning to my life. Thank you for being you and allowing me to be your momma.
Much Luv,
Michelle aka Buckaroo's momma


Amy of While Wearing Heels

I'm crying. What a sweet post. I love that you shared his first day as a second grader with us. The frame and chalkboard insert is pure perfection. I hope he has a wonderful first day. How sweet you were able to (and he let you) walk him to his classroom.

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