Thursday, August 29, 2013

Operation Birthday 8.0 or {my frogboy baby is not a baby anymore}

Hey Hey Hey!!

Sorry this post is a wee bit hate, but y'all know me and how this caddy girl rolls...

Anywho Operation Birthday 8.0 has commenced (for about two weeks now - I don't the year I've been thinking about it in my head). This year Buckaroo choose Nascar, surprisingly it wasn't Duck Dynasty, more because I think I told him "No more changing your mind, pick a theme and stick to it. Momma needs prep time son" and all the DD theme stuff wasn't out when he choose. Next year I KNOW what will be the them, haha!

Of course it will be City Mouse and City Mouse's wives house, more affectionately known around here as Papa & Gma. I call them city mouse because of the children's book City Mouse and Country Mouse, although they live in the country. We will once again have a swim party, yay for grandparents with swimming pools. He's loves cars, especially race cars which led to his theme choice Nascar.

I've bought the goody bag stuff, which really has NOTHING to do with Nascar, but he liked the stuff so yep, it's what we bought. This year momma bear is getting all fancied up, and the main playing theme throughout will be the checkered flag, the green finish flag and the number 8. The goody bag "pit stop" will have 8 parts. All parts will have a checkered flag numbered 1-8 with 8 being the green finish flag showing them what to do. Station one will be getting the bag, there will be six goody bag fillers stops, and the eighth station will be for them to sticker their bag shut and write their name on the bag.

The food layout will be the same as above except it will be known as "filling station." Station one will be plates, buns will be station 2, condiments are station 3, hotdogs will be station 4, chili is station 5, toppings are station 6, chips are station 7 and drinks are station 8.

The cake will be made by yours truly, I have always baked every birthday cake Buckaroo has every wanted for his birthday. This year he wasn't the Nascar race track, a lot of work but absolutely worth every moment. On  the cake table I want seven different sweets but I can only think of 3, to include the cake. I'm going to have chocolate donuts labeled "Black walls" and powdered donuts labeled "white walls". I thought about something round, maybe gumballs or something, and labeling them "ball bearings".I need a nifty name for the cake and some other sweet stuff. I need a nifty name for the sweet table too!

I've thought about getting some tire floats BUT I worry about that since there will be a large number of kids in the pool. I worry that it will be more trouble and stuff for them to horseplay with. So I will more than likely NOT go with them.

I've also thought about having eight different 'locations' for the event, but I cant think of any. I was thinking gift table #1, goody bag table #2, cake #3, food#4, eating area #5, swimming pool #6, playground #7. I've gone completely BLANK for an eighth!!  If you have ideas PLEASE share them!

Did I mention the party is THIS Saturday, and it's his actual birthday!!

Please send me your ideas!!

Much Luv,


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