Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GoodWill Treasures

So to try and get back to normal, I'm showing what I purchased at Goodwill or known around here as GW.

We've been wanting to do some stuff around the house and well that takes moolah. Every time I go to a store, thrift or regular (ugh!), I think 'oh, this could get me 1/4 piece of plywood'. Most of the time this leads to me putting a ton of things back, LOL!

This is seriously all that I purchased for 1.5 months!!
Now, I know my kid needs another book like I need more jewels, but I also think of books like I think of jewels - One can NEVER NEVER N-E-V-A have enough!
Buckaroo loves Santa Paws series so I snatch them up whenever I see them.
The Berenstein Bears is another favorite and it was the Bear Scout series and since Buckaroo is a cub scout it's a two-fer.
The NatGeo book is about traveling in Australia, he has a wide palate for books.
The last and greatest is Flyguy - if you have a younger kid you know how much they love Flyguy.
All of the books were just $.99, which is higher than normal (usually paperbacks are $.49-$.79) but still much better full price. The Flyguy book was also $.99, but it was hardback, hence I think someone just didn't wanna change out their pricing gun.
The little nightlight is a Christmas themed gingerbread house, it was $.99 and worked. I've looked at similar ones before and they run $10-$25, depending on the maker and how intricate. Well this momma don't pay that for a regular light fixture much less a NIGHTLIGHT! I was really happy when I found this and I could actually check it since it had a working bulb.
Now I have to really control myself, but I REALLY want shelves in my lower kitchen cabinets. I'm tired of having a cavernous hole where things must be stacked precisely to all fit.
You have to check out my sweet blogger turned real life great friend Amy at While Wearing Heels and see her *AH MAY ZING* trench coat she got for $2.50!! I swear I told her that she is lucky I don't live close to her cuz she would be missing some clothes and coats!
Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Michelle, you are SO sweet. Thank you so much for the unexpected shout out at the end of your post. You made me smile from ear to ear. You found some GREAT things at GW :) I love your philosophy concerning books and jewels :)

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