Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Status Report for the !st day of 2nd grade

Alrighty Friends!

So our 1st day back was great! He really likes his teacher, and he was really excited that they played games "that helped us know each other!"

His most excited moment was when he told me that since they are older they get to sit with anyone they want to on Fridays at lunch. He was so happy as his best buddy is in a different class than him, as well as his cub scout mates and friends that we still have 'friend time" (aka play dates BUT he informed me about a year ago that he was too old for playdates) with outside of school since they haven't been in class togather in two years!! We (the other momma and grandma and I) would call them the three musketeers, where one was they all were!

He was a grumpy guss by the end of the day and thus allowed no photos. I can't really blame him, he's up at 7, at school by 8, learning at 8:30, end of school at 4, pick up at 4:15, home at 4:30, ready for football practice at 5, leave for practice at 5:30, actual practice from 6-8, home at 8:20ish, dinner at 8:30 (he refuses to eat before practice and I don't blame him), bath at 9, bed at 9:30. We're trying to fine tune and shave time off somewhere so we can have bed at 9, he's used to being in bed at 8:30. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, competitive sports are grueling!!

But all in all he had a really great first day! I hope everyone else did too!!

I was able to sneak this one in as he didn't know I was taking it, lol!
 He's the green and yellow guy!
Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Your little boy looks like a little man on the field. You must be so proud. Glad to hear that the first day went so well. Sounds like he got a great teacher!

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